Is VoIP affordable?
If you have looked at traditional phone systems, you already know that you will be spending a minimum of $10,000 - $15,000 just to get started. With the VIZIObox IP PBX system, you can have a complete system for about half of what you would pay for a traditional system. Take advantage of the our VoIP PBX System today!

Low cost is VoIPs primary benefit; if you have broadband Internet access, you already have the capacity to make VoIP calls from your computer without spending another dime, and you can eliminate most of your PSTN long-distance bill. Simplicity is a second benefit since voice and data can be handled by one set of network protocols and wiring. Purchasing a VoIP PBX system (including any dedicated software and hardware, and VoIP-enabled handsets) is competitive with updating a legacy PSTN system. In addition, using a computer to make VoIP calls means never being out of touch anywhere there is Internet access; employees can work from anywhere that has a fast, stable Internet connection.

Refer to the below comaprison chart for a 20 seat system.

Manufacturer Cost
VIZIObox $7,500
Shortel $18,500
Inter-Tel $14,000
Avaya $17,000
Cisco $21,000